You can't
stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf

We are a Learning Company

About Us

We create Experience

We focus on creating defining experience for our learners of all ages; through reflecting, evaluating and reconstructing.

Always on the mission to meet our learners’ learning objectives while creating defining moments that they will remember for years to come.


About Us

We Are Lightkeepers

Lightkeepers role is to ensure the light in the lighthouse function as to help vessel navigate in the dark

As lightkeepers in Dynamix, We are here to fuel your passion in learning.
Helping you to navigate through your journey in life through our specially cruataed courses.


Life most difficult lesson is always learning about yoursel and finding purpose. We aim to set you in a voyage to discover and inspire what you can do and excel in this journey

team build Team Building Singapore


Steering a ship is never a one-man job. It involves a well built team with a strong sense of purpose. We help built teams to excel through a fun and enriching expereince.


Our children are the bedrock of our future. We equipped them with the relevant skillsets to navigate through unchartered waters and getting them ready for more. 

Our Portfolio

We have worked with many clients across multiple industries. Some of our clients include:

Singapore Poly Team building
Mindef Team building
M1 Teambuilding
NEA Teambuilding
AMRO Teambuilding

In Our Lightkeeper’s Logbook

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How to Prepare Yourself for Leadership After the Covid-19 Pandemic

You may have been a great leader pre-COVID times but after the pandemic passes, things are not going to go back to normal as the pandemic has changed how the[…]

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Dynamix Prepares Preschoolers for Next Steps

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is reshaping and challenging the field of education, particularly early childhood education, where the benefits of in-person school are well understood but simply not an option[…]

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