The preferred Leadership, Character Training and Teambuilding Establishment In Singapore

Our Children, Our Future Generations. As our world has been changing rapidly, it is important to equip our children with the necessary skillsets and knowledge, to be ever ready for the unknown future.

At Dynamix Learning, We have a whole array of programs that aims to Equipped, Empower and Enrich our children and getting them ready with the skills of our future.

Our programs are specially designed by curriculum expert who has wealth of experience working with Pre-schoolers and Primary School children to Learn through play.  

Our Programs

Adventures created for our lil’ explorer


Specialised in creating a positive learning experience for our learners through outdoor activities and adventures. Creating defining moments in every activity


Specially curated packs by our curriculum experts aim to allow your little ones to learn through play while building strong bonds with their parents. Right brain training


Providing individualised holistic educational programmes for learners aged preschool to higher education with the focal point being on tech and computational thinking.